My name is Raluca.  I want to get to know you for you. I want to document your day as romantic as you are, in the most beautiful light. Having been in your shoes not too long ago, I remember what it was like to get asked all the questions. Planning a wedding  should be an exciting time, and one you will never forget, for all the right reasons. 


             Where did you meet,and how did you fall in love. What is your love story ?  I have spend years becoming friends with my couples simply for taking the time to appreciate them, their stories, and their vision. I have created a bridal magazine for brides which is  probably the most informational step by step walk through of planning your day. 

             At the end of the day, I spend most of the day with you two, documenting all that you are, and  all the memories you are making. From one bride to another, if there is anything to learn in this process- follow your heart, just like you followed it falling in love with your partner.